5 January 2015

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I always want to pack all the christmas decorations away first thing on new years day. The moment it becomes January I look around and see all my lovely Christmas decorations have lost their magic and simply look messy. I want to start a new year clean and organised and that includes my mind as well as my home. A home bursting at the seams is never the way to live calmly and move forwards for us.  I fantasise about being a minimalist but its so far from possible or even really desirable for our home life that I would never succeed. But I do like to tease myself with corners of it.

Kids are magnets for accumulating belongings (owning a children's boutique just increases that alarmingly )and if any adults in the house have pursuits they do with their hands chances are you have tubs of fabric/ photographic equipment/ craft supplies and whatever else takes their fancy. Clothes and kitchen paraphernalia get completely out of hand as the year drags on and, being a family of five especially, cupboards are struggling to close. Marry that with a rental suffering from minimal storage ( hilariously there are four cupboards in this house not including the kitchen) and the recipe for donations and throw outs is written.

Which brings me to a book I need to buy. Books are not clutter in my mind though my husband disagrees with all his heart. I think anything that can be read/ re read and, if needed, used to chock up your furniture is always handy.

Maria Kondo is a de cluttering celebrity in Japan. She would terrify my parents who likes to keep things just in case. Maria has a very systematic and respectful way to clear yourself of unworn and unused belongings. My favourite would be the holding of each item to see if it sparks joy for you.  As someone who overthinks everything to the point where decision making can be a paralysing experience this is a delightful way to purge. I also adore the way she respects her belongings- letting them rest/ thanking them for their use that day for example.

Read here to find out more about her or you could just get busy.

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