19 January 2015


On my husbands birthday the other day I started to make his cake. A simple vanilla cake with jam and cream is what he always asks for. Except for those rare occasions when he asks for chocolate in which case it becomes chocolate cake with jam and cream. Sticking to his theme : )

This time though, he suddenly appeared in the kitchen wanting a lamington. I baulked. I do not like the chocolate coating on a lamington and I often don't like the cake. Maybe I just haven't had a good one who knows but I do hate desiccated coconut. Now I know its his birthday cake not mine but I wanted to eat some too.

So here is a grown up Lamington birthday cake. So easy.


Make your favourite vanilla cake. Mine is Sipi's Strawberry Cake by Tessa Kiros in Cloudberries.
This recipe makes a round 22 or 23cm cake.

Once the cake it cooled cut it in half horizontally and spread your favourite raspberry jam on both halves of the cut cake. Top one half with fresh raspberries then place the other half on top sandwiching the jam and raspberries in the middle.


Warm 300ml of cream in a saucepan and when hot remove from the heat. Add 200g good chocolate. I use 100g lindt milk and 100 lindt 70% dark. Stir the mixture until the chocolate has melted then I pour it into a bowl or jug and keep stirring to get the temperature down. Pop it in the fridge for a little while-you want it to be thick enough to spread over the cake but still runny enough for the coconut to sink in a little and stay put.

Once the ganache is the right consistency spread it over your cake and sprinkle coconut shavings or shredded coconut over the top and sides until you have enough to your liking.

Stick far to many candles in it and away you go.

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