11 January 2015


Children are funny. They are all unique and wonderful in that individuality and yet we have expectations and guides attached to their childhood. Of course some of these need to be met but others are more fluid and thats perfectly fine. There is the assumption, often correct, that each following child will reach the milestones faster and faster because they learn from the older siblings. Except sometimes they don't. They don't need to focus on words and sentences because everyone finishes them before they can. They don't need to move too much because things are brought to them and they certainly don't need to walk as early because someone is always around to carry them or strap them in to the stroller because its faster. 

This has been us.

Henry was walking on his first birthday. Oliver was fifteen months. Charlie was seventeen months. Charlie didn't actually move off his matt until he was ten months because he had absolutely no need. I cannot tell you how convenient this was. He was in his moses basket until he touched each end because he didn't roll over. He would stay where I put him for such a long time it was a shock when I looked back one day and he'd moved. 

When it came to language Henry was a chatterbox. The blond curly topped cutie sitting in the trolley at the supermarket checkout who would suddenly let fly-
"Poor mummy has no willie. Where does mummies wee go?"
"Mummy why does that mummy have huuuuuge legs?"
"He does poo like you mummy"
"Daddy doesn't have a wuchina"

Oliver had what some called 'speech delays' but I adored his language. Perhaps because I was the best at understanding it so he and I still had a special connection. It was sweet and quirky and made perfect sense to me as I could hear the foundation of the word in each version he would use.

Charlie has been slower. Yet again his own language as Olie did but quite different in its approach. His language has been based on the sounds our actions make or we make while doing them. Perfectly logical we thought. 
So sit became "ahh" 
Eat became "um"
Water became "ooofff" ( the sound as it comes from the taps we thought)
Sleep becomes "shhhh"
I was "baaaa" for a long time- I can't help you with that one but strangely I was sad when it stopped!

He had some words of course but they were peppered with these lovely sound effects. He was wonderfully theatrical in his conversations. 
A few weeks before he turned three last November he started to concentrate before he said something. He would correct himself and, where before he would get upset if you encouraged him to try a word again, now he was doing it of his own volition. It was wonderful. It was also sad as it was happening so fast they seemed to be vanishing before my eyes on a daily basis. I felt a panic to try and record his sentences. 

"Ruv" arrived and was corrected to "run" as he tore through the kitchen one day. It went on. Over christmas we went to Fiji and his language skills raced ahead.
With this have been some delights of his own.
"Poo come out you arse"

He still asks me if I'm cross by pulling a growl face or happy by asking if I'm "nice". Charlie has become a delightfully chatty person.
Despite all this there are some things we had been hoping to hear. The attempt at least.  In the car on the way to see a movie earlier today he turned to the boys and said "I say your names. Offer and Henny" They shrieked with joy. There was lots of brotherly cheering going on in the car. It was beautiful. He has only recently been calling Henry "bear" and Oliver "roaw" ( dinosaur)

As much as I tell him I love him a hundred times a day he has never said it to me or anyone else.
Just now while standing at my knee eating a cracker he looked up and said 
"I yuv mama. I yuv you. Me yuv you" 
Just like that and followed up with a kiss.

My heart exploded. I love you too kiddo. 

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