16 January 2015


 Thursday night when I should have been cooking dinner I got out the paint and washi tape instead. I always do this-the thinking about a project big or small suddenly becomes something that has to be done right then and it doesn't matter what else is supposed to be happening. Which is ok really isn't it? Life is fluid. Dinner can be late.

This is a really easy project to do. I already had the lightweight pot ( I have a few and the plaster takes acrylic paint really well ) and I marked out the shapes with washi tape. Then paint. Because I chose neon pink I needed to apply three coats. The spots are made with a craft pompom dipped in black acrylic paint. All things you will have in your craft cupboard I think especially if you have kids. 

Worth the late dinner don't you think.

Lightweight pot from Flower Power

Rope basket made from shibori dyed cotton rope made by me

Print by Seventy Tree from Alfie Wild

Wellies by Hunter Boots

Metal basket by Down To The Woods

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