6 January 2015


Decorating for children is so much fun. When you build a space that you and your child love its a great feeling and as adults we are able to be more frivolous than we would be elsewhere in our home. Charlie gets a bit of everything in his little space and the stunning feature piece on the wall is a handmade dream catcher that has just arrived in store.

The kitchen splash back is a piece of wrapping paper that I taped to the back of the Duktig kitchen from Ikea. Our growing selection of Sonny Angel dolls are stored in a trifle bowl being a fun storage solution and he can play with them whenever he wants ( and remove all their heads!) instead of having them lined up on his bedroom shelves.

He now has somewhere to play with his playdough/ read his favourite book and tinker in his own world where everything is sized for him. And because its not his bedroom he is still in the thick of the action. That makes us both happy.


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