17 January 2015


For years I have made green smoothies. Not every day and not as a cleanse but more of a nutrient top up. I'm finding it especially important these days with three boys who want to eat like horses but not necessarily what they should be eating and I do anything I can to get extra fruit and vegetable into them. They frequently turn their nose up at my preferred version of this but this is green smoothie they will all ask for seconds of.

Kid Friendly Smoothie
-2 cups of water or coconut water (they like either)
-1 bunch english spinach ( none of us can stand Kale and english spinach is shown to have as many if not more benefits and it tastes much better)
-1 large white peach chopped roughly
-1 cucumber peeled and chopped roughly
-3 sticks of celery chopped
-1 chunck of ginger ( about 2cm square)
-1 cup of frozen mango pieces (buy packets from the supermarket and keep in freezer)

Blitz them all together in the blender on the ice setting for about one minute then switch to puree for another minute. This makes enough for a glass each now with a top up and another each in the fridge.
Smoothies are not nice after 24 hours in the fridge (think sludge) so try to use them within this time and add a squeeze of lime to freshen the taste if you need to. 

For myself I add a teaspoon of spirulina to the top and some chia seeds or coconut. Sometimes a little garlic in the blender if I'm feeling under the weather.

FACT- smoothies taste better cold so even if you decide not to add frozen mango do add some ice. The mango helps to make them a little thicker too which is nicer to drink.

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