18 March 2015


If you are an instagram regular I'm sure you've come across this incredibly stylish and fun home in Sweden belonging to Johanna and her family. I absolutely adore seeing pictures of her home especially her twin boys Wilmer and Ludwig bedrooms. You can see lots more on Instagram at Wilwig. 

Please enjoy getting to know her a little more here.

This is Ludwig's room.

- Please tell us a little about yourself and your family

 Our family consist of parents Johanna and Patrick, the 2 year old twin boys Wilmer and Ludwig and the dog Alfonso. I have had an interest in interior design for as long as I can remember but it has gotten bigger and bigger with every year and every different home.

 - What is it you love about decorating for children and what inspires you?

 To decorate for my children means everything for me. It is so unbelievably fun with the colors and all the different and beautiful toys you can find today. I want to make their rooms beautiful to look at but most of all interesting and playful. For me it is also important as a mother to twins that their rooms feel equal but at the same time not the same.

 - Has your decorating style changed a lot since having children?

 I think life with children have made my life more colorful and more playful. We have things in almost every room for the kids and all the focus is on them and what works for their interest.

 - How do their spaces work within the family home?

 They have their own bedroom on the second floor in our house. Right now they aren’t playing in their rooms so much since its one level up but we play a while in the morning. I expect this will change shortly. On the first floor we have a playroom as well for daytime playing.

- What are your favourite areas in their rooms?

I love a lot about their rooms. The wallpapers like the map in Ludwigs room and the trees in Wilmers set the tone. The foldable mattresses are wonderful and will be great when they are bigger and have friends over.

This is Wilmer's room.

 And the boys playroom.

- Favourite products and places to shop for children? 

 I buy a lot online from different shops all over the worlds. Interiors products for an example from Spearmintbaby, Miniwilla, Annilunda and Butik Glad.

Thank you for having us Johanna!

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