27 April 2015


A few things on my wish list right now

1. Jacket - Anine Bing
Leather jackets are everywhere again and from rock chic to hardcore biker you can find whatever suits your style. Even H&M did one which sold out at breakneck speed. I really love the jackets from Anine Bing. This new version with the gold zips makes it a little pretty.

2. Bag - Chloe 'Clare'
Totes and messengers are vital on those throw it all in days, especially when you have kids, but to sling something petite across your body and walk down the street is a delight. I am particularly loving this bag right now not least because its name is Clare.

Shirt open just so, collar bones peaking and a stunning smoky pendant sitting exactly where it should. Sexy and elegant at the same time.

4. Boots - Bared Footwear
Finally I've found a company making fashionable footwear for those of us with foot challenges. The prospect of walking nonstop in New York next month has had me paralysed with fear but these come with a fully cushioned and shaped footbed so all day on your feet is no longer an issue.

5. Bracelet - Claire Aristides 
With an M for mum. Because I need it on my wrist.

6. Candle - Playtype
This candle smells like something you'd never want to end. Looking like perfection on your mantle is merely a bonus.

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