5 June 2015


Not always what you think. This is the brand of handmade wooden toys by Melbourne designer Carl Sturtz.

I fell in love with Carls work almost two years ago when I found him on Etsy and purchased a camera for my youngest. As a home where the adults are always taking photos, and one is professional, our kids have always been around cases of cameras and been allowed, and encouraged, to use the real thing. I didn't want a flat simple camera on a rope because I knew my little one would know better. He would want to change lenses.

Carls cameras are beautifully made in Cyprus Pine and arrive in a drawstring bag. The camera is the perfect size for little hands and the lenses attach with inbuilt magnets so they are fast and easy. We haven't had a lens fall off yet and nearly two years after buying the camera it is still played with constantly. There is no better review than that is there?

I am so happy that these beautiful cameras are making their way to Alfie Wild. They are available for pre-order and you will find them in the Hand Crafted section.

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