1 November 2015

Halloween 2015

I love Halloween. Ever since I discovered Martha Stewart over a decade ago I am mad for it. Spooky decorations, costume opportunities and excellent freaky food options made me swoon and I've never looked back. Excitedly, as it is more and more adopted here, it is becoming easier every year to buy props and costumes or the supplies to make your own.

My little minion had the best fun ever last night. We buried candy inside a cauldron filled with green jelly and pasta which totally grossed out the kids. The sugar call was strong though so they stuck their hands in while moaning and squealing. I baked the ginger cookies for the littles who didn't want to be slimed. There are so many of them looking delicious in their little costumes. It was all lots of fun.

The giant BOO pumpkin I bought from Pottery Barn Kids last year. Its my favourite prop although I was pretty excited when I found old bones there. He was perfect in the old german zinc bath I have in the garden.

These amazing images below from Pinterest. Some wonderful ideas for next year maybe

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