23 June 2016


Do you have a heart swelling pulse racing favourite colour? Do you search for it, ache for it, fill your home and your wardrobe with it?

I am a colour person. I have tried valiantly to be a minimalist monochrome loving person but I can't do it. That monochrome tidal wave on instagram just about killed me. Black and white is an accessory to make a colour pop for me. I gave it a whirl but the colour creeps back in fairly quickly.

There is a particular shade of green that I refer to as my 'dessert island' green. I wouldn't need food to sustain me if I could gaze upon that glorious shade. It drives my husband insane because its not quite grass green, not emerald, not murky yet not to bright. I know it when I see it. It caused me to buy six sets of pegs at Ikea the other month because they had the right green. Well it was close.

When I was pregnant with our first son we painted the walls green. A lovely shade called Wasabi. It was actually a little softer than wasabi and made a very pretty (not feminine) rather neutral and calming space for one then two boys to sleep in. I cried when they discontinued that colour. 
Green is wonderful in childrens rooms.


In our last house we painted a wall green. I know you're sighing- feature wall. I negotiated one wall. I had asked for the entire room......
It was pretty close to the green of my dreams and with white floors and walls it made me so happy. When we sold our house the first thing the new owners did was paint over it with a mushroom insipid biege shade. That also made me cry. Then they carpeted over my painstakingly painted white floors. we are all so different aren't we!

I have a constant battle when falling in love with rugs, furniture, artworks, light fittings and all the decorative goodies to be found in greens. I want it all to be greens.
The resurgence of house plants has been a brilliant gift. We know about the benefits for the air (they weren't silly in the 70's) but for the lovers of green it is a dream!



One thing I have always wanted is a green kitchen. Would you do your entire kitchen in your heart dancing favourite colour? How do you choose the shade or do you combine them. Could you do ALL the cabinets or the tiles (commitment!) or perhaps just the accessories before you get your courage up?

That green trolley makes me want the entire kitchen. 

With green I find it calms me, makes me incredibly happy. It can be vintage and modern and works with so many other colours and styles that you can always slip it in. I run the gamut these days and teal has part of my heart. The sea. The sky. The land. All together bringing me joy and filling my future house plans. 

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Some of my favourites on the shopping list right now-

This new limited edition range of Atelier pieces in green from Dinosaur Designs is for the New York and London stores only.

Dinosaur Designs NY

This Harlowe pendant light stopped me in my tracks in Soho. Literally. Unlit it is a deeper green and on or off it is stunning over a dining table in large.

The stunning teal/emerald Iris overdyed rug.

Sage and Clare

Hello there delicious velvet chesterfield. Wilcox I want to cosy up with you right now.


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