23 September 2017

Halloween Is Coming!

I love halloween. Possibly as much as I love Christmas. I used to buy my Martha Stewart magazines and get excited to dress the little boys up and make gory food. It was not such a popular thing to do twelve years ago! These days it is sooo popular where we live and the kids talk about dressing up for a long time in the lead up. Costume ideas tend to be elaborate initially then whittle down to something doable at the last minute. Such is the busy life of families! I always always make some spooky food and decorate. Even if at the last minute I have three zombies in check shirts we've been living with decorations for a month!

Here is some inspiration for this year if you fancy getting your Martha happening.

I string up silver balloons every year. They make a high impact decoration out the front of your home. You can get them from boutique party brands but I get mine from Spotlight.

A spooky cake is a must in our house! A platter of cupcakes iced as mummies and ghouls will do equally well. Even if you're not entertaining, your kids will love you a little extra for this.

Table setting perfection. Find plastic pumpkins at party warehouse and paint.

Balloon decorating is easy. You just need a sharpie.

Ok a little extra fuss but LOOK at them!! Cute as.

If you don't fancy all that orange and black in the house these are perfect. Again just paint. 

I can hear the screams of terror and delight already.

I am much happier in a house with a mantle. If you've got one go crazy!

My treat offerings last year. Goody bags made of surgical gloves. Trick or Treaters were interestingly horrified and delighted all at once. Just make sure you buy the unpowdered version or only pack wrapped sweets.

My boys proving yellow gumboots work with any outfit and makeup cures all costume indecision.

Find details for these images and many more on my Halloween Pinterest board. 

Happy spooking!


  1. Awesome simplicity with the balloons, will make a great entrance down our pathway