10 January 2015


A children's fashion label I have loved for a very long time is Finger In The Nose. It has incredible prints, is excellent quality and is rock star casual clothing for kids. They feel great about themselves in it and we love to fill their closet with it. It is also a brand that actually caters to the teenager which is a huge deal maker for me when so many stop at sizes 6 - 12. And their boys clothes are amazing. My thirteen year old would wear this label day in day out if he could.

The founders of this label, Norwegian Siv-Tone Kverneland and her French husband Jonathan Miltat,  have also created a warm and eclectic home in Paris with their three children.

image source boligliv

*Siv-Tone has also launched brand Jippi focussing on stunning Norwegian sheep and reindeer skins and now broadened to included Norwegian ceramics, vintage furniture, glasswork and throws. Make sure you have a look at the website. You will fall in love.

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