9 January 2015


There was an inspiring article written a while ago that had a lot of us taking action on instagram recently when this blog brought it to our attention. We spend our time stepping out of shot. Not all of us but I would think more than most. Whether we are uncomfortable about how we look or simply that we are always the one taking the photos, the outcome is the same. We aren't there for later. In the archives.

After spending time trying to make sure I will be in the archives for my children, I realised I was letting something else incredibly important slip by. I take almost all my photos with my iPhone. Lots of them would never be printed of course because, where on film we might have taken five, these days we will snap continuously and take photos of things we never would have before. The editing is a nightmare because one hundred of the photos are almost identical and they stay on the phone then the computer and eventually are hopefully backed up on a hard drive. But they are rarely gone through and printed. Once when we might have said in a fire we'd grab the photo albums, today we would be scrambling to grab the devices that hold 36,000 memories. Its got a little out of control in our house. I haven't printed a photo for nearly three years and the photos taken on my iPhone would not print to a large enough size to have framed and hung if I wanted to. So this afternoon I got out my camera ( Canon EOS 5D ). Its heavy and inconvenient but I am going to make the effort to take it with me the way I used too.

I look on pinterest and see amazing photo gallery walls down corridors and along family room walls. I love that. I want to be able to do that too but mostly I want the option to do that. So I will be taking photographs on the camera as much as possible. Even if it's to remember their elbow or what they looked like with an ice-cream moustache because sometimes those are the ones we want on the wall. And do you see the teenager? He is becoming photo resistant. Its a stage apparently. I'm not giving in on that one or suddenly he won't just be taller than me - he'll also be too old to be told to get in the picture.

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  1. Oh yes. Nothing quite like the depth of the 'real' camera. I need to dust mine off too ...