2 January 2015


Our youngest has the smallest room in the house. Since he turned three in November we felt that he was more than ready to move out of the cot, but we had a couple of obstacles. Firstly he didn't want to and secondly there is no way a single bed will fit in the room unless everything else comes out of it or we suspend it from the ceiling.
His cot is European size ( 120cm x 60cm ) and was only ever meant to be temporary but three years later and it is still going strong despite me lusting after a Kili or a Caravan (black or turquoise was the the dream) in our renovated home. Hmm. Didn't quite get there.

I decided after both big boys went straight to a single bed at age two that I was going to savour  Charlies early years as much as possible. I didn't mind at all that we put him in the smallest room when we moved here because it justified my determination to have a toddler bed or something slightly longer like the Rafa bed. I have drawn up a couple of beds that we could make from plywood but life has been hectic and we weren't sure when we would get around to it. Yesterday we decided we would make him a mattress bed as step one but he was appalled. He tried to drag the cot back in to his room and flatly refused any enthusiastic comparisons to his big brothers beds and independence. So we took the side off. Isn't it exciting when you discover something new? We had NO idea the side could come off. Crazy.

I folded a towel up until it was the length of the cot and about 4 inches wide which I then placed along the edge just under the mattress. This helps with the terribly crooked floors and also hopefully helps him stay in bed. I can't imagine why we never did this with the other two but an instagram friend suggested it and its brilliant. One of the huge perks of a toddler bed is being able to use his bedding for longer and he feels cosy with his favourite friends still so close. And a toddler bed is cute. I know a lot of people don't see the point (including my husband) but I think even if we only get two years at the most it will be worth it. I rushed my first two into the next stage all the time which I didn't realise I was doing until much later. Charlie has the benefit of me having previously made decisions I regretted and generally being a more relaxed mother this time around.

And the result? We made it through night one. He leapt in and out for about ten minutes ( it felt like hours ) but then seemed very happy to stay put. Once we found him sound asleep beside the cot so we put our pillows on the floor and popped him back into bed. The second time we found him asleep under the cot after he landed on our pile and rolled off them. Still sound asleep mind you. After that not a peep until the sun came up which is what he told me would happen when it was time for him to get out. Perhaps being a little older and wiser means he is less inclined to be giddy with the run around possibilities. We will find out. After all, what is parenting if not bootcamp with champagne after the workout.

- Bedding/ posters/ Miffy light/ noe & zoe crown on Miffy/ soft toys/ giant Hugg-a-Planet/ cape/    knitted word
all available at alfiewild.com

- 'C' cushion made to order from nakedlunge

- Bear blanket over end of cot from roxymarj

- Banner handmade by me

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