5 May 2015


Child sized clothes racks are super cute and allow us to go crazy displaying all those gorgeous things we can't help but buy them. I've been wanting a wooden one but the one I fancy seems to be perpetually out of stock so I did something different. All this pretty copper thats popping up in displays-candle sticks/ bowls/ clothing racks and more. I tend to think its pretty/ industrial and it lends a beautiful warmth. Clothing racks whether they be free-standing or hanging from leather straps or rope look amazing especially if you are lucky enough to have white walls and floors. Dark wood floors with the rose gold is delicious.

Unfortunately its expensive. So we get our DIY on. Easy.

I had originally intended to use straight pipe but its too hard to bend. The coils come in the right length for a childs rack and are more malleable. You can get longer if you are making adult height for your hallway or bedroom.

Here's what you need-
3metre coil copper pipe for rack-12mm
Foot joins x 2 - a 12mm neck and 20mm ends
1metre coil of 19mm copper pipe
Tube cutter
Alcohol rub for removing stamp on copper

-Firstly gently uncoil your 12mm. Carfeully ease it straight as you go until you get to just before 1metre and then bend it for your first corner. Straight again until you get to the next metre and carefully bend it for the second corner. Straighten the last metre of coil. Thats your rack. Now you will get some kinks. I would put my foot on one section to hold it down then gently gently correct the kink. If you are rough with your copper you will crush it and then its useless. I admit to using one of my hand weights to help me tap out some kinks at the end.
-Now open your 19mm coil. The part I used was the inside coil. This pipe is much harder to bend but the inside coil had the right arch for the feet. Using the circular cutter cut two 40cm lengths.

-Using the cutter again halve both of these.

-The foot join has a raised notch inside it which is why we have to cut the pieces rather than push them through.

-Insert two halves into a join and then attach it to one end of the rack. Repeat with the other end. Once you have them fitting correctly ( and have tested that they are level when its upright ) remove them and pop some tarzan grip or strong craft glue into the join and re-insert the parts.


Giraffe Pray4Trax necklace - The Little Vikings
Feltball garland - made by me
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  1. This is great. Where did you find the polka dot table cloth?

    1. Thanks Anna
      The tablecloth is from 'andmetooplease' in Sydney but you can google polka dot oilcloth online and find it easily. Lots of places sell it.