I used to be a designer/ dance floor junkie/ nutella eating magazine addict who found herself in love with a cinematographer.

These days I am the mother to three kind and beautiful boys aged between 3 and 13 and the founder of an online children's boutique for design savvy parents with kids. Mostly boys.

You can see more of me on Instagram @alfiewildloves

A little trivia-
I once had two blogs-one was started in January 2008 and I loved that blog for nearly six years. It was a family/ creative blog and I filled it with every part of me. The second I started in 2011 and it was a children's lifestyle blog focused on design and everything that I found exciting for kids.

To let them go after so many years building them up seemed crazy but it felt right at the time. I've felt an urge to get back here but I wasn't sure which direction my blog would take and I didn't want it to be just a blog for Alfie Wild or a blog completely unrelated to the boutique and where my life is now. I also wanted to build something new. So we will see where this goes but I'm really happy to have started the journey.


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