23 September 2018

All In For Kids Rooms Decor

Are you long time vintage lover? Perhaps bohemian is your thing or you simply love a bit of everything.
As much as I might fantasise about being a minimalist, I just can't do it. I do try every now and then so I clear away all the little bits and pieces and select more "adult" tones and prints but it never lasts. The quirk and colour and pattern sneaks back in. I find something hidden away in a drawer and realise how much I missed it. The stress of trying to keep everything under control visually is so hard. Possibly we simply have too much stuff ( don't we all! ) but I like to see the things that I love around me. The "style" that comes naturally to me is a bit of everything. Thankfully I can say its "eclectic". Colour, pattern, texture, a story to tell, a piece that tugs at my childhood.  Its a beautiful welcoming vibe in a home and easily lends itself to family life. 

 credit fannyromantic.tumbler.com

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Get the look from alfiewild.com

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8 September 2018

Camomile London

A beautiful collection of heirloom decor is coming this month to Alfie Wild. Camomile London features soft cottons and handmade quilts, cushions and character toys. Designed in London and made in India this beautiful brand was created to fill a gap. Exquisite heirloom quality pieces to stand the test of time in stunning colours bringing a gentleness and timelessness to your childs room.

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Tiny Cottons The D.A.Y Market

Tiny Cottons have created a delicious collection of classic styles, exquisite fabrics and textures. I find a lot of the collection quite nostalgic and a joy to have in my sons wardrobe.
Frills and pleats in denim, pima cotton, corduroy and boucle just to tease. See the collection now at alfiewild.com

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BOBO CHOSES : The Happy Sads

The new AW18 collection by Bobo Choses is just so much fun! Meet the coolest band The Happysads. Where they sing about children and their roller coaster feelings. Where prints and pattern join forces in organic cotton and fabrics constructed from recycled materials to inject a huge amount of fun into our wardrobes.

See more at alfiewild.com

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12 October 2017

Halloween Craft

A super fast easy craft with our meri meri party plates. This is a super easy last minute trick or treat "costume" or a great craft to do with your childs class. The paper plates come in packs of 12.

You just need some wide paddle pop sticks, tape, paper or crepe paper in your chosen colour and a pair of scissors. Cut the centres from the eyes then cut out wavy strips of paper or straight strips of crepe paper. Tape them into position on the back of the plate and away they go! If your child prefers elastic (so their hands are free for the all important treat collecting) simply staple to the sides to avoid tape popping off and tears mid trick or treat.

 Nununu metallic vest and Goat Milk stripe top also online.