31 October 2018

Get your spook on!

Do you celebrate Halloween? When my two oldest boys were little there was hardly anyone participating and we would bravely and quietly walk up and down the street to then trick or treat at our own front door. These days its huge again like it was when I was a kid. It is such a great way to meet people in your neighbourhood and get creative. Besides, who doesn't love a skull and some dry ice?

Some of my favourite ideas this year..

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22 October 2018

Disney X Kip & Co

Kids room decor just got ridiculously fun with the limited edition collection of Disney by Australian label Kip & Co. Featuring bright prints and some vintage pastels covered in the wonderful Disney characters we grew up loving. There is nothing better as a parent than passing some of your childhood nostalgia on to your own children.

You will find our selection online now.

26 September 2018

Numero 74

Handmade gets me every time and Numero 74 is no exception. All pieces are made by artisans in Thailand, and evoke a sweet charm. Soft muslin clothing for baby, child and woman as well as beautiful decor perfect to complete a space. All bringing a little nostalgic delight. The costumes are utterly magical and lend themselves to hours upon hours of wonderful imaginary play ( is there anything better than seeing our kids immersed in the wonder of a character in their head )

We have a selection of clothing, decor and gifts online now and many available to pre-order

23 September 2018

All In For Kids Rooms Decor

Are you long time vintage lover? Perhaps bohemian is your thing or you simply love a bit of everything.
As much as I might fantasise about being a minimalist, I just can't do it. I do try every now and then so I clear away all the little bits and pieces and select more "adult" tones and prints but it never lasts. The quirk and colour and pattern sneaks back in. I find something hidden away in a drawer and realise how much I missed it. The stress of trying to keep everything under control visually is so hard. Possibly we simply have too much stuff ( don't we all! ) but I like to see the things that I love around me. The "style" that comes naturally to me is a bit of everything. Thankfully I can say its "eclectic". Colour, pattern, texture, a story to tell, a piece that tugs at my childhood.  Its a beautiful welcoming vibe in a home and easily lends itself to family life. 

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Get the look from alfiewild.com

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8 September 2018

Camomile London

A beautiful collection of heirloom decor is coming this month to Alfie Wild. Camomile London features soft cottons and handmade quilts, cushions and character toys. Designed in London and made in India this beautiful brand was created to fill a gap. Exquisite heirloom quality pieces to stand the test of time in stunning colours bringing a gentleness and timelessness to your childs room.

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