18 January 2019

May Gibbs by Kip and Co is here!

The magic is back! This is one of those collaborations that presented as a one off when it first released but, such is the love for May Gibbs by Aussie mums, the clever ladies at Kip and Co heard the wails from those who missed out and have repeated it. The last few years have seen an annual launch of sheer treasure and this year is no exception. My excitement for this collection is always off the charts. I am taken straight back to my childhood and nostalgic trips to Nutcote with my grandparents. It was magic and I have my original books still on the shelves. Each of my children received their own copy of one of her books when they were born, to enjoy, and now you can pair such wonderful editions with something divine for them to sleep on, in or play on. Its quite wonderful.

The classic, and all round favourite, Bush Friends are back this year and there are some new styles including the utterly divine Ocean Babes. Wahh that set makes me wish I had a daughter as well as three sons! The pea cushions are in soft velvet and co-ordinate beautiful with the bedspreads.
I have added some sleepwear to my selection this year. Perfect styles for baby and child to keep comfortable and enjoy their favourites.

Come and see what we have for you.

28 November 2018

Advent Calendar Ideas

The magic is building and one of the best ways to allow children to count down is an Advent Calendar. Every year I put together a calendar for my three boys and this year I am using our handmade advent gift bags by Numero 74. They are larger and individual so are a fantastic option when you have a few children to cater to for this Christmas excitement.

I thought I'd share some of my advent calendar ideas that work really well for us and don't blow the budget or create sugar overload. Save that for the big day!

Firstly I do not wrap everything. I know some people do and I see their advent calendars on Instagram and am full of admiration for them because WOW, but the reality is that I have three kids, one business, a house being renovated (we are doing it all ) and limited brain space for that much planning. Also the kids don't need that for each day and so I save the wrapping for the days when there are slightly more serious gifts inside.

The treats that work for us are

- Small stationery items. Think erasers, coloured pencils, stickers, maybe a pencil case. I select things that they will need for school or that will be a good addition to the craft cupboard.

- Chocolate. I know I know but they love the excitement of a tiny chocolate Santa. I often buy the Christmas edition of the Cadbury animal bars like my Gran used to buy for my sister and I. They are small and super cute and will cover a few days over the month.

- Tree ornament. These are wrapped. We give the boys a special ornament each year and one day, when they have left home to start their own trees, they will be able to hang each one with a feeling of home no matter where they are. I will often add these to the calendar towards Christmas.

- Activites. I did this one year when I completely botched planning the calendar fillers, but they loved it, so now I add in quite a few. Zero sugar and no shopping to have organised! Things such as make an ornament, bake gingerbread houses, go to see the Christmas windows. Just write it down on a sweet little card or gift tag and pop it in as a holiday date. They love it. Even the teenagers love this because they are things to look forward to and make memories.

- Lego. Buy one box of lego and wrap up a couple of pieces to be tucked into the pocket for each day. When they get to 24 they receive the instructions. Just remember to leave any characters to the last few pockets or they might work out what it is. This one is a winner with my boys and takes care of an entire calendar.

- Underwear. I know I know but if they are super cute Christmas socks or undies they love this to bits.

I hope I've given some of you ideas and you have lots of fun setting up your calendar!

x Clare

31 October 2018

Get your spook on!

Do you celebrate Halloween? When my two oldest boys were little there was hardly anyone participating and we would bravely and quietly walk up and down the street to then trick or treat at our own front door. These days its huge again like it was when I was a kid. It is such a great way to meet people in your neighbourhood and get creative. Besides, who doesn't love a skull and some dry ice?

Some of my favourite ideas this year..

3/4/5/6/7 pinterest

22 October 2018

Disney X Kip & Co

Kids room decor just got ridiculously fun with the limited edition collection of Disney by Australian label Kip & Co. Featuring bright prints and some vintage pastels covered in the wonderful Disney characters we grew up loving. There is nothing better as a parent than passing some of your childhood nostalgia on to your own children.

You will find our selection online now.

26 September 2018

Numero 74

Handmade gets me every time and Numero 74 is no exception. All pieces are made by artisans in Thailand, and evoke a sweet charm. Soft muslin clothing for baby, child and woman as well as beautiful decor perfect to complete a space. All bringing a little nostalgic delight. The costumes are utterly magical and lend themselves to hours upon hours of wonderful imaginary play ( is there anything better than seeing our kids immersed in the wonder of a character in their head )

We have a selection of clothing, decor and gifts online now and many available to pre-order