30 January 2015


We have an old Early Learning World dolls house. It used to be wallpapered with Cath Kidston wrapping paper and that was about it but Ive been looking at it for years thinking- improve it or lose it. It will be more fun to improve it and its an odd shape so its a challenge which makes it more interesting right? So I am making a miniature version of our house. Pieces we own that aren't styled properly in our rental mixed in with pieces we have had on our house list for years. All coming together in miniature. It is lots of fun and very time consuming. It has also completely laid claim to the kitchen table which is starting to make people a little crazy around here : )
 Once I've finished I will show you everything.

28 January 2015


These beautiful dream catchers are made by hand in the Netherlands and are back in stock. Shop link in side bar.

27 January 2015


Another fabulous sneak peak available soon at Alfie Wild from the incredibly fun label BangBangCopenhagen.

26 January 2015


There is nothing as exciting as the start of a new season when all the gorgeous things I chose many many months ago start arriving. One of my favourite brands is Mini Rodini. They optimise all that is fun about fashion for kids and they work very hard to ensure their label is produced the best way possible and kind to our children wearing it as well.
I can't wait for January 29th for the launch! Here is a sneak peak-

24 January 2015


We have this little enclosed courtyard off the side of the house. There is a security grill over the top and it has been begging to be filled with hanging baskets as its a really lovely spot to sit.

This morning I went to the garden centre planning on making Kokedama but I came home without the sphagnum moss having bought coconut fibre instead which is for lining hanging baskets.  Argh. Rather than shove the plants out there until next time (which could be forever) I got out some yarn  and started wrapping. It should act the same as a hanging basket and I just expect to redo them every now and then for growth.

But it looks good I think! This is what I did if you want to do one. Super easy and very messy.

You need-

Plant- I opted for a Boston Fern and  small Ivy
Yarn-I've used cotton but you could use string instead of yarn
Coconut fibre -comes in a bag
A ribbon for gently tying up your plants trailing parts during wrapping

Firstly pull out some fibre and form it into a rough circle. You are essentially making a little birds nest. Make sure it is a relatively even thickness as you don't want soil falling out.

Remove your plant from its pot and place in the centre of the nest. Now fold the sides up and secure a length of yarn around pulling tight and knotting.

Now start wrapping. Make sure it is nice and tight not forgetting to come back across the bottom. If you wrap across the top sides you will get a good direction for crossing the bottom. 

Keep going until it is nice and snug and you're happy with the look. Tie it off in a knot (just secure to one of the wrapped sections)

Cut two lengths of yarn that you will double and then use to cross under the base and up the sides and hang the plant with. I cut two two metre lengths. Now, leaving a section long enough to extend above the plant, Weave the other end under a couple of wrapped sections down the side, under the base and up the other side. Pull them through until they meet equally above. Repeat with the other piece going down the other side.

Pull all four double pieces up to the centre above the plant and knot. Hang them up. Done!

23 January 2015


My ideal home would have crisp white floors and trim with some really dark walls. I love them. The contrast and romance of a dark wall stays fresh when its part of a vibrant space. Somehow the dark tones don't make the space feel dark and gloomy but rather they make things pop. Things take on another dimension against a dark background and thats why dark walls are so great in a childs space. All those toys and gadgets seem more alive. Add interesting individual lights and you've created a magical den for dreams and imagination. The trick is not to have all the room elements dark. 

How much do you love this wallpaper? The dark shadowboxes, pale floor and stunning Star Wars sign it is perfect. The yellow brings it all to life.

I pinned this room over two years ago and it is still one of my absolute favourites. Those confetti decals and branch shelf are incredible against that khaki wall.

Yellow, black and white. A perfect combination every time. And that antique day bed painted a bright colour is amazing.

A different spin on the classic green and purple combination. This is a girls bedroom and not cliche at all. The butterfly wall decoration on the deep mossy green pretty everything and the stunning moon light from Serendipity in Paris brings the magic.

Again a wonderful deep smokey tone warmed with wood and kept fresh with white. The different tones of blue are heavenly here.

Can it get more fun than a handmade rustic cloud bedhead? The colourful quilt bring it all to life against a chalkboard wall.

I know this is a shop display but you could absolutely make this happen at home. An original enclosed house bed and pops of pinks and yellow against the teal are stunning.

This is so clever. The simple grey wall and white is lovely but the hand finished palings make this a fun and eclectic space.

Again the winning combination. It never fails.

22 January 2015


3 / 52

Lunchtime in the house. Getting this one still enough to be in focus is a challenge!

The 52 Project

20 January 2015


Some of my favourite pieces from last season are still available in the sale.

19 January 2015


I am so happy to share this tour with you. Many of you will know Nadine from Instagram as @nynneetliloujos and already be familiar with her wonderful style. I absolutely love the way this mum from Germany decorates for her children. It is a style full of joy and warmth and fun.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your family-

I am Nadine and live with my husband and our two children, Jos 1year old and Lilou 4 years old.
We live in germany/near düsseldorf. We work in essen/düsseldorf.
In summer we love vegetables, herbs and fruits growing in our garden and having a beach holiday.
During winter we are engaged in the restoration of our little old house.

- What is it you love about decorating for children and what inspires you?

I want to raise my children in a nice and cozy environment. All children's room and family style books from jeu de paume, instagram & pinterest inspire me.

- Has your decorating style changed a lot since having children?

Yes, when Lilou was born there were a lot of vintage toys, 70s fabrics, string shelf, a raspberry colored wall in her nursery. Today everything is modern.

- How do their spaces work within the family home?

The house is completely child-friendly, the conservatory was converted into a play room and in the upper floor both have a large communal sleeping space.

- What are your favourite areas in their rooms?

Lilou's junior bed, indian teepee (vilac) and reading corner in their play room

- Favourite products and places to shop for children?

Roxymarj bear blanket / Luckyboysunday / Woodenstory wooden blocks / Holztiger wooden animals / Mini Rodini Home Collection / childrensbooks and prints from Michelle Carlslund / Miniwilla / Seventytree 

Shops: Rimini all for kids / Der kleine Salon / Etsy / Smallfolkrun /  Psikhouvanjou / Walkingthecat 

You can follow Nadine on instagram here to see more of this happy home.

Moon poster / Panda bedding / Mause Softie / Dream Catcher / Word Banner / Wall Decal and Sonny Angel Dolls are also available at Alfie Wild