23 March 2016


If you're all ready with your Easter crafting fest then you might like to add these to the list. There is something about the cuteness and freshness of Easter that appeals to my crafty heart more than Christmas. Also it is a MUCH less frantic time of year so you can sit around enjoying the activities in a more relaxing way.
Today I have a super cute set of free printables for you from Love Mae. You can of course find their dinner sets in our store.

The truth is that rabbits don't lay eggs. It's tradition, we get it, but it can't hurt to consider some alternatives to the chocolate, particularly those that don't result in maniacal sugar highs..and tears when you eventually lie and say that the ants got into the chocolates and you had to throw them away ( or they went off-anything other than mummy and daddy ate your stash!)

This Bunny Shrine craft project featuring a beautiful origami rabbit will keep your little people busy and get you all excited for Easter.

Ready? First you'll need to warm up your printer.




Don't forget you can tuck Easter surprises into your Love Mae cups and they look super sweet at the Easter table. And if you need a bit of extra help with the paper folding then you can watch this youtube

Other ideas I'm loving-
- Giant Bunnies
- Paint Fun Party
- Glitter Eggs
- Pompom Bunny
- Bunny Cookies
- Bunny Treat Bags
- Bunny Ears

Have a fun filled Easter!