7 December 2016

Christmas Shopping

My list is looking a little shaky as Santa's letters kept being altered by small enthusiasts. My fault for being too slow to post them after grabbing a screen shot I guess.
Do you keep your childrens letters? I feel its a bit like baby teeth. Has to happen but I can't actually bear to let them go.

We are having christmas at home this year which I love because the day starts sooooo early -sparrows! ) and the kids don't want to get dressed and leave their new goodies and frankly neither do I. Or rather I don't want to leave the bottle of bubbles just opened. The month is flying by already and we haven't baked the gingerbread house or listened to enough cheesy carols or even visited the big dude in red. I'm running out of time! Typical holiday season chaos.

Alfie Wild is busy with christmas right now with so many fabulous goodies online. Wrapping them up in bright red spots fills me with cheer. Did I tell you I love Christmas?