18 January 2019

May Gibbs by Kip and Co is here!

The magic is back! This is one of those collaborations that presented as a one off when it first released but, such is the love for May Gibbs by Aussie mums, the clever ladies at Kip and Co heard the wails from those who missed out and have repeated it. The last few years have seen an annual launch of sheer treasure and this year is no exception. My excitement for this collection is always off the charts. I am taken straight back to my childhood and nostalgic trips to Nutcote with my grandparents. It was magic and I have my original books still on the shelves. Each of my children received their own copy of one of her books when they were born, to enjoy, and now you can pair such wonderful editions with something divine for them to sleep on, in or play on. Its quite wonderful.

The classic, and all round favourite, Bush Friends are back this year and there are some new styles including the utterly divine Ocean Babes. Wahh that set makes me wish I had a daughter as well as three sons! The pea cushions are in soft velvet and co-ordinate beautiful with the bedspreads.
I have added some sleepwear to my selection this year. Perfect styles for baby and child to keep comfortable and enjoy their favourites.

Come and see what we have for you.